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Articles under review/ in submission:

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Published journal articles:

2024/ in press

  • [293] Xu, Z.H., Wang, Y.*, Xie, D., Shi, D., He, J., Chen, Y.Q., Feng, C.L., Giesy, J.P., Leung, K.M.Y., Wu, F.C.* (2024). Rethinking of national water quality standards for conserving aquatic life in a changing world: Lessons learnt from Japan’s experiences. Environmental Science and Ecotechnology, in press. [IF: 12.6]

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    • This paper was awarded the 2022 Cozzarelli Prize of PNAS (in the Category VI: Applied Biological, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences) on 30 April 2023. The annual Cozzarelli Prize aims to recognize the best paper in PNAS for each of the six subject categories ( ). This work also received the “2022 International Collaboration of the Year” Award from The Times Higher Education.

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    • This paper was specially mentioned in a Focus article in Environmental Health Perspectives "An Ill Wind? Growing Recognition of Airborne Nano- and Microplastic Exposures"  (EHP Vol. 131, No. 4) [April 2023]

    • It was also featured in the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) Review  23(2): 16-21 [March 2023]. 

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